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Leaving Vancouver for Hamilton??!!!


The prices in Vancouver appear to be driving some people out of the province; this is even occurring in Alberta as prices there have doubled in some places over the past year.  For example, my cousin, who is retiring from Canada Post in Edmonton, is now considering selling his house near the city and moving to a town about 45 minutes out of St. John’s Newfoundland .  I have to say that I can see that-I like Edmonton but I think that Newfoundland is much more beautiful.  And he can sell his house in Edmonton for high 200s and buy a very nice house in the area he looking at for around $70,000…..

In another Vancouver Sun article, there was a report of what I would consider to be a much more difficult move.  A woman from Coquitlam is packing up and moving her family to Hamilton, Ontario !  Now that would be a tough transition….ocean and mountains to factories?  Hmmmm……she is getting a Victorian home for $135,000 but I have always thought I’d rather have my shack near the ocean than a larger lovely home further away.



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