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Macrealty goes Green thanks to idea from Patricia Houlihan!

Macdonald Realty is committed to moving the real estate industry towards being as green as it can be...recently the company held a contest looking for ways to reduce its environmental impacts.  Patricia came up with the winning idea-a three step approach:


1. Encourage realtors to drive greener vehicles

2. Encourage realtors to drive less (Patricia would like to be the running, riding realtor but her clients aren't quite there yet!)

3. Buy carbon credits to compensate for the emissions created in selling real estate....


Macdonald Realty is believed to be the first real estate company in North America to offer carbon neutral real estate transactions.  Dan Scarrow, head of the MacGreen program said:
"One of our agents, Patricia Houlihan, came to us and said her clients were expressing interest in a program like this. We hope it will be a benefit to our clients and the environment".  When interviewed in REM magazine Patricia said: Realtors and the public should stop expecting realtors to drive fancy cars as a sign of success. The public believes, falsely, that if you are a successful realtor you will drive a big, fancy, polluting car.   The first choice should be to drive less and to drive more fuel efficient vehicles... and then to offset.


For more information on how Macdonald Realty is working toward carbon neutral real estate transactions-and how you can make your real estate transaction carbon neutral at no cost to you, pls see attached link and pls call or email Patricia (604-376-7653 or if you have any questions.

Patricia designs program to help Macdonald Realty become the first real estate company in North America to offer carbon neutral real estate transactions!



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