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Green Cars become more high end

Vancouver realtors may not need to be polluting as Green Cars become more high end.  Fuel Efficient and Fast!!!!


The only thing I really don't like about my work as a realtor is that I have to drive a lot-until the public gets over not wanting a running, riding, realtor!  I would love a car that is safe, low polluting and had some style.  It seems that I am not the only one who wants this as Japanese automakers are hoping that a new line of fuel-efficient muscle cars will breathe new life into their dwindling sales by appealing to western buyer's environmental consciousness, as well as their passion for speed.  Having said this, I am not sure that I would be on board for supporting this as there seems to be a big variation in environmental impacts when you compare hybrid SUVs and smaller hybrids-I imagine the same problem will exist here.


At the Tokyo Motor Show Nissan unveiled their flagship muscle car the GT-R, which will retail for around $80,000 US.  Toyota unveiled the next generation of its popular Pruis gas-electric hybrid, which will be a plug in model that offers double the mileage of their current model.  Honda also previewed a gas-electric hybrid sports car that they're hoping will surprise drivers with its torque, acceleration and handling.


If you're not riding a bike to work everyday, and no one can blame you during Vancouver's rainy winter, a sporty gas-electric hybrid may be a good alternative.  Personally, I would like to see that tiny Mercedes sports car come in a hybrid.  Given how small it is, hopefully it would be super low emission and fun to drive.....Depending on how they are made, a sporty gas-electric hybrid could be a great way to avoid weekly trips to the gas station...and give realtors like myself less guilty consciences related to our driving!  (commenting on Green muscle cars take centre stage at Tokyo auto show - CBC, Oct 24)



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