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A vacation away from Vancouver real estate but working on real estate in other countries-Nicaragua and Costa Rica!

Well we just spent a whirlwind work week in Nicaragua and Costa Rica-yes it was almost all work-there was not a single day off without any meetings!  Fortunately, both countries are lovely so it was a nice place to be doing what is already a great job-selling real estate!

In Nicaragua, we have been, as is often the case, having some trouble with the title insurance companies and still have no title insurance for properties that myself and a couple of friends bought in Nica in September.  The insurance companies are quite conservative of course and I think they may be nervous that Ortega is going to revert to his communist roots and take everyone's properties away....but having talked at length to people who run the gamut from students, tour guides earning only $150 USD per month, and very wealthy, very well educated Nicaraguans, it doesn't sound like the people will tolerate communism anytime soon!  In fact most think Nicaragua will be the next Costa Rica-and I have to say, having visited both countries, that it seems pretty likely.  While I personally think that the mega resorts are not the best thing to visit when exploring a country, the benefits that Costa Rica has attained from having such resorts is undeniable.  Nicaragua is very similar in its level of beauty-with amazing beaches, lovely colonial towns (kind of like mini-Havanas) and great food and people.  Right now, Nicaragua is not very touristy at all-which I love.  Many people would however find that the infrastructure is somewhat lacking.  The roads are not great once you get off the main highways but having said that, there is everything you need and more in the towns.  In addition to the beachfront lots we have bought, I hope to buy a couple of more places in Nicaragua for investment.....given how high the prices in Costa Rica have gotten, it should be a good retirement package to buy now and sell later....and of course spend ½ of the year once in retirement living in Nicaragua and traveling around Central and South America.



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