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Vancouver real estate and Green issues


We (Macdonald Realty) have a booth to promote our green real estate program!  EPIC is at the Trade and Convention Centre in Vancouver and it has a lot which will be of interest to those keen on real estate, home renos, or just general green issues.  I will be at our booth tomorrow so pls come by and say hi and grab a kiss (we are handing out Hershey kisses-not sure how green they are but they are good! ) I visited the booths at the fair yesterday and they were pretty interesting! Below is the contents of the email I got today from the people at EPIC. Hope to see you there! And remember, for more information on living green, visit

SPONSORS EPIC The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre April 18-20, 2008 Website: Created by:

What's happening today at EPIC HOURS10AM-9PM Avoid lineups and Save $ - Buy tickets online now! Come to EPIC at Canada Place and see over 200 exhibits featuring cutting-edge, stylish products and services that leave a softer footprint on the earth. Shop and Think!

Here are today's highlights: Daily at EPIC - Toyota Ride n' Drive Looking for the right hybrid to fit your lifestyle? Test drive the latest model hybrids from Toyota and Lexus at EPIC 2008.

10:00am Coffee Klatch: Your Morning Coffee Panel Kitchen Theatre Join representatives from a number of locally-based coffee companies for this lively discussion about the global coffee industry.

11:00am Bryon Stremler, Toyota Canada Working Together for the Common Goal: Combating Climate Change Main Stage Hear from Toyota on what is required by the auto industry, governments and consumers alike to positively impact climate change for the collective good.

11:00am Nick Allan, Zin Kitchen Theatre

12:00pm Bruce Poon Tip, CEO, G.A.P Adventures Off the Beaten Track: Sustainable Adventure Travel Main Stage Bruce Poon Tip is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of G.A.P Adventures, specializing in adventure travel for authentic, small group experiences.

12:00pm Jeff Van Geest, Aurora Bistro Kitchen Theatre

1:00pm Mike Holmes, Canada's Most Trusted Contractor and Host of HGTV's Holmes on Homes Renovating your home - how green can you go? Main Stage Who better to offer advice on greening construction and renovations than Canada's most trusted contractor? Mike Holmes of HGTV's Holmes on Homes will give the lowdown on how to keep your building and reno projects as energy-efficient and eco-friendly as possible. Mike Holmes Books Signing Main Stage Mike will be available for book signing after his

1:00pm presentation. 1:00pm John Bishop, Bishop's Kitchen Theatre

2:00pm Jonathan Chovanchek, Culinary Capers Kitchen Theatre

3:00pm Adria Vasil, best-selling author of Ecoholic Main Stage Celebrated author of the smash success book ECOHOLIC - Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada will offer practical tips to help you do your part for the earth. 3:00pm Peter Robertson, Raincity Grill Kitchen Theatre

4:00pm Fashion Show Main Stage Hosted by Naomi Steinberg

4:00pm Mary MacKay, Terra Breads Kitchen Theatre 5:00pm Gregor Robertson, Co-Founder of Happy Planet Juice and Vancouver-Fairview MLA Main Stage Co-founder of the award-winning Happy Planet Juice company and MLA for Vancouver-Fairview since 2005, Gregor speaks regularly on the challenges of climate change.

5:00pm Ralf Wollmann, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company Kitchen Theatre

6:00pm Collin Dunn, and Planet Green Going, Going, Green: Making Your Lifestyle Count Main Stage Collin writes for the TreeHugger and Planet Green about ideas and products that can help us all be a little greener and live a little better without sacrificing looks, design or style.

7:00pm Fashion Show Main Stage Hosted by Candice Curlypaws

7:00pm Green Kitchen 101 with André LaRivière Kitchen Theatre Put more sustainability in your own cuisine. Get practical tips and ideas used by Green Table Network members in Vancouver's top restaurants.

8:00pm Dr. James Tansey, Co-founder, Offsetters Climate Neutral Society Carbon Offsets: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Main Stage What the heck are carbon offsets and how will offsetting CO2 reduce the threat of climate change? James Tansey is an expert in carbon offsets, and is here to enlighten us. EPIC is Ethical. Progressive. Intelligent.



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