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Back to rainy Vancouver.....

Well I just spent a week in sunny Nicaragua -thinking that by the time I got home, Vancouver would be lovely-it is the end of July after all...but no such luck-the forecast is for at least 3 days of rain in the coming week,,,,,sigh!

Nicaragua is still great-and the more time I spend there, the more I agree with the articles I read about how those investing there really are getting in on the ground floor as it seems the country can't help but skyrocket in its real estate prices.  I had been looking at investing there for a couple of  years before I finally did and I would have really done well had I bought when I was originally thinking about it.  As long as Ortega doesn't do anything crazy, investment in the country should continue to increase: it is a beautiful, interesting, inexpensive, and in my opinion (especially when compared to other Central and South American countries, including Costa Rica) safe paradise. 





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