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Leaving Vancouver for Nicaragua? Where not to stay!

My prior trips to Nicaragua have all been great experiences, including the food and accommodation.  This trip, we decided to finish the trip off by staying at what was supposed to be one of the best resorts in the country-and the only all inclusive.  Now I admit that I am not a huge fan of all inclusives and when staying at them, I tend to choose the more expensive ones in order to maximize the likelihood of good food-an important part of any vacation.  However, when you only have one in a country, and when the web ratings and reviews from people we know in Nicaragua were all pretty good, we figured the risk was small....well we won't be going back there again.  The resort, run by the Barcelo hotel chain, had potential: lovely beach, large beautiful pool, an outdoor gym, etc. However, while we only stayed 2 nights, we were glad to escape and wished we had spent the last 2 nights in Managua or Granada.  The food was really bad; the only food option (because it is low season and the occupancy was low) was the buffet.  On the second night we were already so sick of the food that we considered skipping dinner.  The rooms and facilities were nice but I was a bit concerned at the massive pesticide spraying campaign that went on every morning-I have no idea what was being sprayed but since we saw no bugs whatsoever and only one gecko, I am sure whatever it was kills pretty much everything.....not a fan of those chemicals and I would prefer to let nature take its course a bit more.  Interestingly, we didn't see much in the way of creatures anywhere except at our friend David's house in Granada-fortunately it seems he minimizes the use of super toxic sprays.  There we saw the most amazing (although a bit scary) moth.  I went to my room and into the bathroom the first night-there was a moth so large (much larger than my hand outstretched and much larger than the hands of most men) that I went to ask our host if it was a decoration.  It really looked much to large to be real-it was about 3 times the size of his daughter's hamster. Anyhow, he confirmed that it was real and he put it on the end of a broom and carried it outside to carry on its life.....much more humane than spraying it to death!


Okay enough complaining-on the upside, we had great hotels in Granada ($45/night including breakfast), San Juan Del Sur (beachfront, pool, $80/night including breakfast) and Leon (check out La Perla- a beautiful renovation of an old home carried out by a talented American-thx Jim it was great).....



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