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Creating an Eco Living Space

Feeling frazzled by your hectic life? Create an eco living space to alleviate your stress. By following these easy tips, you can turn your current home into a peaceful refuge— a perfect place to escape to after a long day at work. 


Relaxation always starts at the home. Studies have shown that natural hues such as greens, mauves, and earthy tones, have relaxing effects on the body. By incorporating natural surroundings into your living colour palette, this is an excellent way to create the feeling of calm. Draw inspiration from natural elements such as stones, leaves, or water.


Aromatherapy is an important element when creating a relaxing space.  Scents such as lavender, sage and citrus, are known to reduce stress and relieve insomnia. Try burning candles or use natural sprays to freshen a room and stimulate the senses.   I would suggest NOT using artificial aromatherapy-the real stuff is more expensive but the cheap stuff can be toxic!


Natural light is another essential element for creating an eco living space. Increased exposure to natural sunlight can help reduce stress, relieve depression, and elevate a person’s mood. Start by incorporating large windows into a space or try installing skylights. On days of good weather, keep the windows open to allow fresh air to fill the house.  I like to avoid closing curtains or blinds unless it is a scorchingly hot day.


One simple yet very effective trick for creating a relaxing space is reducing clutter in your home. Try keeping accessories to a minimum and store important items in cupboards or baskets so they are out of sight and out of mind. By creating a space that is devoid of mess, this will reduce stress and allow for a more organized and productive existence. Yes its true that I do not live this way but the theory is good!



If you are interested in Vancouver real estate and would like to live in a home that resonates a sense of calm and relaxation, please feel free to contact me. As a third generation Vancouver REALTOR® (and by coincidence a trained aromatherapist!) I have first hand knowledge of the Vancouver housing market and would be happy to assist you.



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