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Our Tie To The Chinese Economy

If there were ever any doubts that the Vancouver real estate market is tied to China, then a new graph has surfaced to show that there is more than just a loose association between the two but a consistent intertwining.


Take a look at this graph showing Vancouver’s average home price year-to-year growth over the last 21 years. The blue line tells a familiar story. Every chart out there about Vancouver real estate has the usual ups and downs with a dip in 2008 during the American financial crisis and a spike in 2010 during the Olympics.


Now, look at the purple line, representing China’s GDP growth.


What is eerie about this graph is how the Vancouver average home price growth is almost perfectly linked to the Chinese GDP growth.


Using the Chinese economy as a guideline, we can make our real estate investments accordingly.


This is supposed to be a good year for China. With the economy growing steadily. I also believe, despite the slow start in the first quarter of 2013, that this will be a good year for Vancouver real estate as well.


If you are looking to buy, let me get on the lookout for you early. I have my ear to the ground every day and I can find you hidden gems that you might miss searching on your own. After all, everyone is on MLS - you need to look for other sources, namely me!




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