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Porch and Deck Maintenance

West Coast weather can take a toll on your patio and deck especially during the winter months. Water damage, mold, and dirt can often accumulate and cause these surfaces to change color and become slippery. I have walked down many sets of stairs in fear and a bit of maintenance can help protect family members from falling.  To get you ready for your spring garden parties and summer BBQs this season, here are a few maintenance tips for your porch and patio.


The first step in cleaning your deck or patio is removing any items such as potted plants or furniture.  Begin by sweeping any dirt or debris from the surface. A pressure washer is a very effective tool for removing any accumulated moss or mold. If you only plan on pressure washing once during the year, it is cheaper to rent from various stores in the Lower Mainland. If pressure washing causes damage to your porch, such as raised wood fibers, allow a greater distance between the spray nozzle and the porch surface.


If mold and moss still remain after pressure washing, you may want to consider applying an outdoor cleaning product such as 30 Seconds, or House and Deck cleaner to your deck or patio. Scrub the surface with a long-handled medium soft bush with the cleaner and water. Always remember to wear gloves and a mask if applicable. Once finished, make sure to properly rinse the surface of the deck or patio.  Allow time to dry. If residue still remains, you may want to clean for a second time.


Once the porch or patio is clean and dry, repair any damage to boards or siding. Applying a protective finish to the surface of your porch is recommended after all repairs have been made. Depending on the material of your deck, you will want to research the appropriate finisher. For wood decks, clear finishes and transparent stains are typically recommended.  Painting your porch is another great option for giving a fresh new look and protecting the surface of the porch against water damage. …and I am told you can get paint with built in grit to minimize slipperyness.


If you are interested in purchasing a new home this spring, speak to a Vancouver Real Estate –me!  As a third generation Vancouver realtor, I have first hand knowledge of real estate in the city. I would also be happy to provide any advice on deck and property maintenance this spring season. …..I may not know how to maintain my own property but I am happy to help you find out how to maintain yours!



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