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Protect Your Home From Wildfires This Summer


We are all used to our fair share of mild temperatures and seasonal rains living on the west coast, especially in the Lower Mainland. While most of us are good at preparing for the wet season, we sometimes forget to think about preparing for the hot season when the risk of wildfires is high. Kind of like now, after a very sunny warm summer and this beautiful July.


Every year thousands of wildfires occur throughout the British Columbia and sometimes these fires threaten communities and homes. To help you better protect yourself from the risk of wildfire, here is a list of FireSmart initiatives you can do to your own property.


  1. Clean needles and leaves from your roof and gutters regularly. Embers from an approaching wildfire can often hit your roof first, causing a wildfire to spread to the rest of your home.


  1. Establish a “priority zone” 10 meters around your home. This area should be free of all flammable material such as shrubs, trees, deadfall or woodpiles. Make sure to always keep your grass mowed and watered.


  1. Consider using fire-rated materials when constructing or replacing siding and roofing.  Materials such as stucco, metal, brick and concrete offer superior fire protection and tempered glass is also more fire resistant than single pane windows.


  1. Make sure all overhead power lines are clear of vegetation and are at least a tree’s height away from the nearest forest.


  1. And lastly, but most importantly, always make sure you have adequate insurance on your home and property if a fire were ever to occur. Check now with your local insurance provider before it is too late. Insurance companies often don’t renew or provide house insurance if a wildfire is uncontained and is threatening a home. 


These simple, yet very important, tips will help protect your home and community from the risk of wildfire. Be proactive and start now.  If you are interested in Vancouver real estate and would like to know more about the housing market, please feel free to contact me at anytime.  For more information on FireSmart initiatives click here



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