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Summer Vacation Homes

This long weekend, did you get a chance to get out of the city? Judging by the traffic trying to get out on Friday and then back again on Monday afternoon, half the city was away.


One of the best things to do on a long weekend summer getaway is to go to a cabin by the water. There are many popular vacation hotspots in BC including Bridal Falls, the Shuswap Lakes and the Okanagan.  This weekend I showed a client and his family some homes on the water in Indian Arm and I was shocked at how affordable and beautiful they were-and prawns, crab and salmon included!


There’s nothing quite like the peace of quiet country nights with nothing to hear but the bullfrogs, and lazy days in a hammock without the horns and sirens and interruptions of city life. 


Buying a second home is not as prohibitive as you may think. Coming from Vancouver the prices will seem incredibly affordable.


Just because I work out of Vancouver doesn’t mean I can’t help you in your search to find an idyllic summer home on the Gulf Islands or Whistler, or even in the interior. The process of buying a home is always the same when you are dealing with my kind of experience level. Let me put what I know to work for you…..I likely won’t show you the actual homes but I can find you a good realtor to help you no matter where you are looking.  Having said that, I don’t advise anyone to buy a vacation home until they are living in the dream principal residence-and I would be happy to explain the reasons why.


Of course with Vancouver real estate prices being as high as they are, it might be a good time to retire early, cash out and get the best possible value for your home. Then, with that money, you can buy a place on the island outright, and live comfortably off the fruits of your investment (and the organic trees in your yard) for the rest of your life.


I can help you sell your home, and I can also help you buy your next one. I’m always, always, always on the lookout for my clients, so let me know what want, and I can help you find it.




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