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Sustainable Living: We Can All Make A Difference

It is amazing the impact one person can make in helping the environment. For instance, if every household replaced one standard bulb with a compact florescent light bulb, we could save enough energy to power three million homes a year (I really can’t believe that but apparently its true!). Taking small steps, whether this is switching to a more environmentally friendly light bulb, or reducing water waste by showering every second day (or showering with the planet and water conservation in mind), or recycling plastic and metal waste, are important measures in helping our beautiful planet.  To find out more ways homeowners can make a positive difference, the Vancouver Vandusen Botanical Garden will be hosting the EPIC Sustainable Living Festival on July 6 &7.


This event offers a series of events and lectures for Vancouver residents.  Visitors can visit the sustainable marketplace, which has hundreds of high-quality environmentally friendly products and services. Exhibitors will be showing everything from organic food and beverages, to eco-clothing, to hybrid vehicles (I LOVE my Hybrid except it needs a noisemaker so people and pets hear me coming), to natural skincare products. Guest speakers will present lectures on sustainable winemaking, composting, waste reduction and urban agriculture. There will also be gardening workshops for those interested in learning more about sustainable gardening. Courses will be offered on vegetable gardens for backyards and balconies, as well as on pruning and soil building. A kid’s zone play area will be available as well as live music for everyone to enjoy. 


This event is a terrific opportunity to get outside and learn more about sustainable living and how you can make a difference in protecting the environment. With so many activities available, there is sure to be something for everyone.  If you are interested in eco-friendly Vancouver real estate, and would like to learn more about sustainable housing in the city, please feel free to contact me at anytime. As an environmental lawyer who now works as a Vancouver REALTOR®, and as the first Eco-broker in BC<  I am very passionate about our local environment and would be happy to provide you with any information you need. If you are interested in attending the EPIC Sustainable Living Festival at the Vandusen Botanical Garden, click here.




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