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Top 1% Of Vancouver REALTORS®


I have had people comment to me that I should be “getting the word out” more about having been ranked in the top 1% of REALTORS® for 2012….yes it is true that I can now proudly claim that I am in the Top 1% of all Vancouver REALTORS®. We have been ranked highly for years (Top 10% and usually at the top end of that) but this takes it to a new level.  Having said that, it is more important to us (my team, Mike, Mark and I) that we worked very hard last year to provide our clients with the best possible service and it paid off….the results do speak for themselves and we did sell more homes than over 99% of other Greater Vancouver REALTORS® so what we do does work for our clients. The Medallion Club has recognized this by allowing me to state that I am in the Top 1% of all Vancouver REALTORS® for this year. We will have to re-examine the stats next year after all the paperwork gets processed, but hopefully we'll keep the top 1% title…


Either way, it is exciting to be recognized. There are apparently over 12,000 Vancouver REALTOR®S and when you think of the top 1%, that's a lot of ground to cover.


So what makes me one of the best? I think a few things:

1. I'm straight up and straightforward. My clients trust me to do the right thing because they can.

2. I'm tireless. My day starts around 4:40 am and ends when the work is done.  I love what I do so this is not a hard schedule to maintain.

3. I have a legal background. I have been an environmental lawyer for over 2 decades. My clients trust my judgment, analysis and negotiation skills because they come from a good foundation.


Okay, enough of me tooting my own horn. I'm just happy to say I was recognized as being in the top 1% so working hard has paid off-for me and for clients! 



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