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When Renting Is The Pits

As a renter, you have no power. If your landlord wants to pull the rug out from under you for “renovations” or “new relatives coming in from out of town” - there’s not much you can do. You have no control over who your downstairs neighbours are. Even if they are partiers, pet lovers or floor-rattling snorers (I’ve heard stories).


The worst part of renting for some, however, is the landlord. How many tales of woe have their been about lack of heat, repairs going unfixed, and mysterious mid-day unannounced entrances to suites.


If you have a horrible landlord, and you’re hoping not to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire, there are some ways you can do research to check out if there are housing or properties with health or safety isssues.


Here is a listing put out by the City of Vancouver that helps put the bare lightbulb spotlight on shady landlords in the City. You can check to see if the apartment or home you plan to move into has a track record of nefarious goings-on.


Another good one is the Bedbug Registry. This will give you a heads up as to whether the building you are about to bring your family to has a history of bed bugs. Zooming out with the map function makes the red-dotted city look like it has been under the covers with the critters for years. Even the Shangi-La and the Mount Pleasant library are not safe, so be sure to double-check any place, even if it is in a more high end part of town.


When enough is enough, talk to me, I’m a Vancouver REALTOR® who knows the score. I can help you get into your first home where you will have full control over the kind of nonsense you have to put up with-well almost full control.  As importantly I think, you can then stop putting money into the garbage each month for your landlord to then put in theirs.  With your own home, comes a sense of ownership, so you can kiss the graffiti in the halls, and beer cans in the stairwell goodbye. I recommend air kisses don't want to catch something!



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