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It appears the biggest threat to Vancouver isn’t earthquakes, tsunamis or natural calamities, but a population of walking dead.


A recent study has shown that 50-60% of Vancouver real estate is actually owned as investments, not as primary domiciles for residents of BC. To make matters worse 25% of the condos occupied in Coal Harbour are unoccupied. As a result, Vancouver is on its way to follow suit with the ‘ghost cities’ in China. In this paradigm, real estate is bought and held as a way to safeguard wealth against an unsteady political climate, not as a means for shelter.


As a result, you have entire cities in China that are eerily empty. The same thing is happening in Coal Harbour right now. When you don’t have residents, you don’t have life. There is a culture glut, as there is no one around to build a community. This leads to a cold, transient society, where people shuffle from work to home without interaction and celebration with their peers.


City planner Andy Yan worries that Vancouver is turning into a rootless, zombie city. For a city with a reputation for having No Fun, this is hardly another label we want. The main problem is that it is driving out young, talented families who want a better lifestyle and a more reasonable cost of living.


So, what to do about this zombie invasion?


If you are a buyer, you will want to make sure that you avoid the undead and land in a place with a livable vibe. For this, you are going to need a Vancouver REALTOR® with local knowledge. If you talk to me, I can help you find communities that are decidedly zombie-free. Culture isn’t something that shows up on MLS. And you can’t quantify community like square footage and distance to the water. These are intangibles that you need feet-on-the-street knowhow to discover.


If you are selling, you will need to shake this stigma. By having a REALTOR® that has an excellent idea of what’s happening culturally in your neighbourhood, you can give your prospective buyer confidence in their decision that they are steering clear from zombie-land. What’s the best way to know what’s going on culturally in an area? Three generations of Vancouver-based real estate doesn’t hurt. Again - talk to me first.


Have you seen the zombie preparedness kit that the government sent out? It’s tongue in cheek, but actually an excellent way to wrap your mind around emergency preparedness.



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