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Apps for Home Renovation Projects

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | July 16th, 2013

In continuation with last week’s blog, I want to introduce to you a few of my favourite home renovation apps. These apps are an excellent tool for experimenting with home and garden design ideas. So before you do any heavy lifting to rearrange your furniture this summer, use one of these apps to plan your layout. That way you will save time, money, and your back!


1. ColorSmart (free)

For some of us, design doesn’t always come naturally especially when it comes down to finding colour schemes for a room or home.  If this is you, I have the perfect app to solve all your problems!  ColorSmart is a free app that allows you to colour scheme your home. By uploading a photo, Colorsmart will suggest a colour palette to accent the tones and architectural features of that space. This app is available on IOS and Android.


2. Houzz Interior Design Ideas (free)

This app is perfect for finding inspiration on interior design ideas. It provides a collection of photos of almost every type of room, location, and product. This app also includes a directory of local professionals including architects, contractors, and designers.


3. Home 3D ($3.99)

This app is perfect for anyone thinking of renovating their home. Home 3D allows a user to create a virtual space whereby the user can move around windows, floors, walls and furniture to get the look they are wanting.


5.  Garden Pro ($4)

This reference app can help you design a perfect garden for your home. This app provides a list of flowers, herbs and vegetables, and indicates when each plant blooms and what type of light conditions it prefers. This app is a great resource for any beginner gardener wishing to start a garden of his or her own. It is available on IOS for $4.


6. Garden Tracker for ipad ($3.99) and iphone (99cents)

This amazing app allows you to design rectangular gardens up to 2,500 square feet. The user can enter in the desired number of rows and columns to create a gridded series. In each box, you can choose the plant you wish to grow. The program shows the user how many plants each square foot your garden will accommodate. It also provides information on the soil, watering and growing needs of each plant.


These apps are perfect for anyone with Vancouver real estate who is looking to update their home and garden this summer. With so much information available, these apps will make life easier and help get you on your way to completing that renovation project you have always been dreaming of!