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Airline Carbon Credits

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | October 21st, 2007

I just came across this today-feel a bit less guilty about flying on the seaplane...and of course you can buy carbon credits to offset your own travel on some airlines, like WestJet but this move goes a lot further (taken from Offsetters.ca enewsletter):


Announcing North America's first Carbon Neutral Airline.

Offsetters.ca is thrilled to announce that Harbour Air Ltd, the world's largest all-seaplane airline, has announced that it will become completely carbon neutral by the end of 2007. Effective October 1, 2007, Harbour Air will purchase high quality carbon offsets to mitigate the climate impact of all scheduled service, charter and tour operations. This will make Harbour Air the first air carrier of any variety in North America and the only seaplane airline in the world to make all of its flight services 100% carbon neutral.


Harbour Air is further pledging to offset its corporate emissions to become the first carrier in the world to achieve complete carbon neutrality in all aspects of its business. Harbour Air Seaplanes will institute a policy to track, reduce, and offset its corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by January 1, 2008.


Funds generated from this partnership will be used to initiate offset projects within Harbour Air's operating area. 


Dr. James Tansey, CEO of Offsetters.ca, said "Harbour Air is taking bold steps to get in front of the curve on the crucial issue of climate change.  For innovative companies, taking responsibility for reducing and offsetting their climate impact will be a benefit rather than a cost.  Clearly, Harbour Air is such a company." 


Harbour Air Seaplanes is already the most climate friendly way for one passenger to travel between Vancouver Island and the Mainland (versus ferry, jet, helicopter, or twin engine seaplane).  It is committed to further reducing its climate impacts and then purchasing offsets for what it cannot eliminate. 



To learn more about how you can make your company carbon neutral, contact:

Donovan Woollard, Director - New Business Development

(604) 720.4223