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How Buying A New Home Is Like Buying A New Jacket

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | July 17th, 2013

The cold months are well upon us. If you didn’t receive a new coat for Christmas you might be finding yourself shambling down Granville Street in your threadbare number from 1999. The good news is that there is never a better time to buy a new jacket. There are sales on fine coats at almost every store from H&M to Holt Renfrew to the amazing consignment stores we have all over town. There are no crowds to compete with, and the salesmen can give you their full attention.


Shopping for homes in the off season has the same advantages. There isn’t the same frantic buyers’ frenzy now as there was last year. If you haven’t noticed, the market has cooled significantly, and this gives the patient shopper a true advantage - time.


During the Christmas rush, you might have three people standing behind you in line when you’re trying on your coat. There’s something about seeing something you want on someone else - jealously, I suppose - but it makes you want it even more. It happens when you see someone lingering a little too long over a coat you’ve had your eye on. It happens when one too many people show up for an open house as well. No one wants to lose out on a deal.


This sensation can lead to impulse buying. Who hasn’t bought something in the spur of the moment, as to not lose out on an opportunity, only later to regret it? Having an unfortunate coat is costly, but nowhere near the buyer’s remorse that comes with locking yourself into a lifetime of debt on a place you only kind-of want.


Take your time. Don’t rush into buying something as significant as Vancouver real estate. It’s a huge decision. When the market is cool, like it is now, you have plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons very carefully without feeling rushed.


Just as you rely on the expertise of your salesperson in the store, it is even more important that  you are able to rely on your Vancouver REALTOR®: you need someone who you can trust.  If you can trust your salesperson (and many of the high end salespeople are very honest) , then they will help you find a coat that suits you perfectly. The same can be said for your REALTOR®,  I can spend time to help you find the Vancouver home (or other nearby areas) which will be the perfect fit.


There’s never been a better time to tap into my expertise. The market is just right for buyers and it is easier to find you exactly the home you need keep you warm and looking good for the rest of your life….Or at least until you upgrade in a few years!