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Macrealty April 2011 Market Update

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | April 28th, 2011

With the Spring Market in full swing, it is important to know that not all agents and not all real estate companies are created equal. When hiring a professional to sell your home, take the time to ask them what their sales model is to ensure that it meshes with your goals

I outline the Macdonald Realty Model below:

The Macdonald Realty Model

For most people, their home represents the single largest investment that they will ever make. In addition, the government encourages home-ownership by making principle residences one of the few investment vehicles on which CRA does not tax capital gains. Because of this, it is important for owners to make an informed decision about how they sell their home.

Macdonald Realty has prided itself as being a full-service real estate company since 1944, but what does that mean? Macdonald Realty’s full service model means taking a client by-the-hand and guiding them through the process of (1) Evaluation, (2) Marketing, (3) Negotiation, (4) Completion, and (5) Post-Completion to ensure that they receive the best price and conditions for their home, with as little inconvenience as possible, while limiting financial and legal risk.

  • (1) Evaluation
    • A Macdonald Realtor will provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your home, along with the current market conditions, including both recent sales and current listings, so that you may make an educated choice when it comes to pricing. Pricing is an art, and along with this information, your Macdonald Realty agent, as a full-service professional, will be able to explain who the target market is and how to maximize value. Do you price low to attract a competitive offer situation or at market value to ensure you only work with motivated buyers? Perhaps you price high to leave yourself room to negotiate?

    • Remember, homes are NOT commodities, every house is different, and a Macdonald Realty agent will be able to explain to you why they came to their pricing recommendation.

  • (2) Marketing
    • Effective marketing is crucial to ensure you get the best price for your home. Marketing doesn’t stop at placing a sign on the lawn and posting your house on MLS. A Macdonald Realtor, in consultation with the client, can provide a market analysis and property review to give you suggestions on how you can effectively improve the appearance of your home. In addition, they will respond to buyer/realtor inquiries, conduct open houses, qualify buyers for private showings, utilize the Macdonald Realty creative marketing department to create high-quality marketing materials, provide an online presence on Macrealty.com and other channels, utilize print advertising and social media tools, and leverage company programs and affiliations like Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the world’s largest residential real estate network with over 140,000 affiliate agents worldwide.

    • Your Macdonald Realty agent will also perform legal tasks like checking title, securing strata documents, and assisting with the property disclosure statement so that your legal and financial interests are fully protected.

  • (3) Negotiation
    • A Macdonald Realtor has been trained to provide advice and guidance throughout this process to ensure that you protect your own interests while maximizing the value for your home. It is important to have a great negotiator on your side and Macdonald Realty has over 350 years of collective managerial experience for our agents to draw upon should a unique situation arise.

    • Once the deal is accepted, a Macdonald Realty agent will work hard to resolve any issues which may come up before the deal goes firm. If, for any reason, a problem should arise, our agents have the backing of a full-service real estate company to support them. Many times, financing and tenancy issues can be resolved in-house. In instances where they cannot, your agent will be able to assist you in the renegotiation process to maximize your chances of the deal staying on track.

  • (4) Completion Services
    • Once the deal is near completion, a Macdonald Realtor will work to ensure that all required legal documentation is transmitted to their respective legal and governmental bodies. Your agent will assist with solving last minute problems, and possession will be arranged. This is a stressful time and it’s important that all closing issues are dealt with efficiently to ensure a smooth transfer.

  • (5) Post-Completion
    • Your Macdonald Realtor’s job is not over even though the deal has completed. They are still responsible for smoothing over any post-completion issues and being the primary communications conduit between the buyer and seller. In addition, they can be called upon to provide any advice with respect to settlement services, trades, and/or troubleshooting that may be required. Being a full-service professional, your Macdonald Realtor will have the answer for you, or know where to get it.

Macdonald Realty believes its model is the best way of protecting the interests of buyers and sellers. With our system, agents only get paid if a buyer and seller agree on the sale of a property. In other words, with Macdonald’s business philosophy, our agents are rewarded on performance.

Macdonald Realty and its agents invest hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in training, education, market research, program development and agent support to ensure we have the necessary skills to provide our clients with the best service in the industry. Our agents are effective negotiators, knowledgeable professionals, effective marketers, and educated advisors.

To find out how I can best assist you in your real estate transactions, please contact me!