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Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | July 17th, 2013

Last week’s wild storm, which brought surging waves over Vancouver’s beloved seawall and washed-up logs and other debris along the city’s beaches, is a reminder of the potential damage flooding can cause. For a homeowner, maintaining drain tile systems is an important step in mitigating the risk water damage caused by flooding and rising water levels.


Drain tile systems are used to collect and redirect water seepage away from a home. These systems are often located around the foundation perimeter of a house.


Many older homes are either not equipped with proper drain tiles or their current drainage systems are not well maintained—either the piping has collapsed, clogged with debris, or has been damaged by root systems. Without a well functioning drainage system, many serious problems can arise for a homeowner including extensive water damage and basement flooding.


If you currently have a functioning drain tile system, make sure to clean leaves and needles from insides your eaves trough and downspouts. This will reduce the risk of clogging drainpipes.  Also make sure to annually check the condition of your home’s drain tile system. It is important to deal with any issues in the summer months when heavy rains and storms are less frequent.


If you are considering buying a home in Vancouver, it is important to have the drain tile system inspected by a professional. Look for signs of water damage to the house including cracks along the foundation walls, settling under stairwells and decks, any sloping in basement walls, as well as the smell of mold. However, the best advice is to speak to a local Vancouver REALTOR®, like myself who knows the history of the house and current condition of the drain tile system.