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Response to Questions about my Covid-19 Article

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | March 27th, 2020


I would like to respond to some very valid questions I have received in response to my article earlier regarding how we will handle our business during the Covid-19 crisis.

I personally believe that we would be well served to not only do physical distancing (and quarantine for some of us!) but to have a complete lock down of our country right now (other than essential services obviously). However, Canada is not yet in lock down. We work in the customer service industry and some of our clients need service at this time.

Real Estate does not seem like an essential service and in most cases it is not. However, we do have some clients who really need to sell their homes AND would like us to keep showing their homes if there is interest.  There are also some buyers out there who need to buy as they have sold their homes and need a place to live.  

For these reasons, we will continue to do showings, following all of the recommended protocols (and going beyond those wherever possible) until we are told  by the medical community or the government, that we should not do so.  

Our office is closed to the public.  We are not having parties at the beach; or joining the people who are out there refusing to keep their distance; we are not meeting with our clients or violating physical distancing in any way.....and as far as my family is concerned, we are not just social distancing, we are not leaving our house.  However, my team is doing whatever we can to assist our clients who are in very difficult situations as a result of the impact of the Corona virus  on the real estate market.  And in doing so we are implementing physical distancing and increased sanitary protocols.

I expect that we will have very few, if any, showing requests but we need to have a procedure in place to address them and that procedure needs to respond to the requests of our clients as long as those requests are reasonable.

Stay Healthy.