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Roof Leaks and Replacements

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | July 17th, 2013

 Rain in Vancouver is inevitable, but dealing with a leaky roof is an endless source of frustration for homeowners. Repair, especially during the winter months, is a major inconvenience and often requires a lot of money. If you are caught in this unfortunately circumstance, or have some roofing questions of your own, here are a few suggestions to make your life easier.


The first step in leak assessment is finding the source. Locate the leak by looking for clues such as missing shingles, obvious damage to your roof, or watermark damage to interior walls or ceilings. When the leak has been discovered, call a licensed roof contractor to repair it.


As a precautionary measure, remove all indoor belongings near the source of the leak. Place all belongings above ground and use a bucket to collect water drips. Continuously check for any new leaks throughout your house.


If you are considering buying or reroofing a home, choosing the appropriate roofing material is important. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in British Columbia. Typically these roofs last up to 50 years longer than asphalt shingled roofs. They are also more sustainable since they can be recycled when the metal is no longer functional. While metal roofs generally require less repairs and tend to fare better in wet weather, they are often more expensive and noisy.  Unexpected snow slides also occur more frequently due the roof’s slope and the smooth surface of the metal.


Asphalt shingled roofs have been around for decades. These roofs are typically cheaper but do have a shorter warranty than metal roofs. The rough surface of asphalt shingles also prevents unexpected snow slides and allows for better sound reduction.  


When buying a house in Vancouver, it is recommended to have the roof inspected. It is also very important to speak to a Vancouver REALTOR® such as myself. I can provide further information on the condition of the home’s roof. If a new roof is required, this would likely be the responsibility of the owner to replace, or we can negotiate with the seller to find more reasonable asking price.