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The Donald Trump Fiasco

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | July 17th, 2013

Have you been following the American elections? It is amazing that we live in Canada and we still know all the candidates, the debates, the subsequent memes (binders full of women, anyone? I have to say I think the focus on that was a bit overwhelming when there are more serious issues to be addressed), and the gossip surrounding the two parties south of the border.


For those of you who have been concerning yourself with more important things, I’ll just quickly fill you in. Both campaigns have had their share of memorable moments, unfortunate slips (ie the 47% gaffe), and tweet-worthy zingers (Obama’s horses and bayonets quip was quite good).


However, with every election comes the conspiracy theorists and whack jobs. And who would have guessed that this time around it would be a real estate tycoon slash serial self-promoter who would give the rest of us a bad name.


Here’s what The Donald has done. First, he created quite the stir last year when he demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate. When it became too much for the busy president to ignore, he held an epic press conference where he mocked Donald Trump. The best part was the timing of the announcement, as it interrupted the end of Trump’s own program, Celebrity Apprentice.


This didn’t slow him down, however. And last month, Donald announced that he would bring ‘incredible news’ about Obama’s false birth certificate, which would change the face of the election. So, what happened? Last week all he did was announce that he would pay $5 million to the charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his records to the public. Not exactly major news, Mr. Trump.


Mr. Trump, what are you thinking? Well, he did get almost 4 million views (at last count) on his YouTube page. And he put himself square in the spotlight, piggybacking off the press of the election, once again. But most people are shaking their heads at his bad hair and poor judgment.


Not all people making their living off of real estate are like this! Especially not Vancouver REALTORS. Most of us are down-to-earth, not crazy conspiracy theorists nattering at politicians. We are not all tireless self-promoters. In fact, I’d even argue a good realtor does just the opposite. They take themselves out of the limelight, and let their client’s property do the talking.


The Vancouver REALTORS who are the best at what they do put their clients’ needs first. They listen more than they speak. And they don’t host ridiculous TV shows in their spare time…..and yes I did get asked to shoot a pilot for a Vancouver real estate reality show; yes I did shoot it; but by the end of the filming, I did realize that I love selling real estate and being an actor is just not my thing-even if it involves one of my passions: real estate!


You can watch the Trump video here (and even better maybe is Obama’s youtube video roasting Trump in response): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgOq9pBkY0I